Down The Garden Path



We said the words

We played the game

Hand in hand down the garden path

Though the truth pierced through our clasp


It was nothing more than a shadow

Not cast very far

Thriving only at the brightest hour

And ultimately underwhelming Continue reading “Down The Garden Path”

Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Mini Shepherd’s Pie


Ever since a friend got me some ramekins, I’ve had fun with them, making mini cakes and baked eggs. Then one day, I thought, why not shepherd’s pie? I love using the ramekins to make individual portions. They are especially useful when entertaining guests. The result always looks amazing, and especially with shepherd’s pie, you won’t have to watch your work of art disintegrate when it comes time to serve.

Eating out of the ramekin is no fuss and delightful. Clean-up is also easy—the “casserole dish” also serves as the plate—who would say no to that?

How to make the pie

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You thrill me
You scare me
You give me hope
You confound me

In that time we were close
I found peace in your embrace
Comfort in your warmth
And a home by your side Continue reading “Confounded”

Phoenix From Ash



Part of the fold

Until cast aside by ambition

The ambition of an Upstart

The threat of an insidious legacy


Then there were two

Adrift in the same boat

Their marriage, strengthened

Their resolve, unmatched Continue reading “Phoenix From Ash”

Ignoble – a poem



Far from expected

But exuding charm

Impossible to resist

Even harder to tame


Two titans locked in battle

Neither willing to succumb

Known roles abandoned

Respect mired by desire Continue reading “Ignoble – a poem”