Our Collabowriters Book Is Ready!



My first traditionally published book is ready for launch, and it was a collaboration!

Here is when it began, and this is where the journey took me.

The Man Within, Chapter 7 – a novella excerpt

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“I’m sorry, what?”

“Is your uncle,” she opens her file, “Godfrey here?”

I only look at her, confused.

“You told Doctor Lanely and Nurse Doris that you’re living with him.”

Shit. They sold me out. I knew Doris couldn’t be trusted

“He’s not here at the moment.”

“Meaning he is here most other times?” she asks sweetly. Continue reading “The Man Within, Chapter 7 – a novella excerpt”

Writing collaborations and their challenges

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Writing your own novel has its challenges—creating a logical plot and doing all the research yourself, struggling with self-doubt, no second pair of eyes to spot your glaring errors, and all the pitfalls of not having an automatic accountability buddy.

But working on a creative writing collaboration is a whole new ball game. Whereas, before, any extra eyes belonged to advisors, in a collaboration, they belong to story co-creators. If you had never relinquished control of your story, you would be in for an awakening. Continue reading “Writing collaborations and their challenges”

The Man Within, Chapter 6 – a novella excerpt

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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 7

I walk through the hospital’s dizzying corridors. I’ve been seeing mother for the past four days. She was diagnosed with late-onset schizophrenia. The doctors are giving her anti-psychotic drugs, under observation. They will release her once they are confident her prescription is working. I’m only glad there is treatment for her condition.

I see Nurse Doris up ahead—the psychiatric ward sentinel.

“Hello William,” she says as I reach her counter.

She sports an ostentatious smile, like a salesperson. Continue reading “The Man Within, Chapter 6 – a novella excerpt”