Music to help you relax, and sometimes shut out the noise

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We have all been there—when our bodies scream at us for a break after hours of staring at the computer screen because of work or study. Or when we are trying to work but our environment refuses to corporate—the neighbour drives in with his car radio a little too loud for comfort, or you can hear the TV from your room or office. Or maybe, when you are writing, you become sensitive to the slightest sound.

Should you quit your work because someone in the next three rooms is watching TV? Or the alternative is becoming a nocturnal animal—working when everyone else has finally quit?

I have a less drastic suggestion—classical music. Continue reading “Music to help you relax, and sometimes shut out the noise”

What Is Story?

backstoryWhen my first book idea hit me, I immediately started writing notes. I briefly explored my characters and the basic plot. Since I wanted to base my science fiction novel on real science, I conducted a lot of research. I wanted my plot to be smart and believable. When it came to the actual writing, my goal was to use beautiful language and original expressions.

I thought if I had a logical plot and beautiful, expressive language, I would have a fantastic story.

But boy, was I wrong—a fact my sister was first to point out. My road to true enlightenment began when I watched a webinar on the story genius method, which was hosted by Joel Friedlander of The Book Designer. Continue reading “What Is Story?”

The First Scathing Review


My first scathing review did not come from an editor, literary agent or publisher; it came from my sister. I had not completed my first manuscript yet, but I had covered most of the plot. I was eager for another pair of eyes to look at my work, but I was also apprehensive. There was a possibility that she wasn’t going to enjoy or appreciate my book.

Why my sister, you may ask; because she was the smartest person I knew. Whenever I converse with her, I can tell that she is thinking. She is not the kind to regurgitate gossip or wives’ tales as fact. I knew that she would be honest with me. Plus she reads the classics. I think at the time she was reading Anna Karenina.

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Sci-fi Beckons


Let’s talk about Interstellar. Even before the film came out, I was already a Christopher Nolan fan. I loved The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception. When I found out that the director/ screenwriter/ producer had released another movie, I was obviously intrigued. The teaser trailer only added to this intrigue. The visuals of Endurance spinning in space were enough to give me goosebumps.

This was also at a time I was falling in love with science fiction. I was loving movies like the Star Trek remake, Cloud Atlas, Prometheus, Ender’s Game, Edge Of Tomorrow, Predestination, and the list goes on. So I obviously couldn’t wait to watch a Nolan sci-fi.

When I saw Interstellar, it was a love story. Let me break down the reasons why I loved the movie. Continue reading “Sci-fi Beckons”

Reignited Interest In Fiction

A Song of Ice and Fire Series

Let’s talk about Game Of Thrones; not the show, the book series, A Song Of Ice And Fire. Ok, we’ll talk a little bit about the show – it did usher me to the books.

When the show came out, I was blown away. Never had I seen anything like it on TV. The acting, CGI’s, action, costumes/ props, dialogue, settings and plot were amazing. It was like watching a movie. It looked and felt epic. The characters were complex, but without losing their realism. Suffice to say, Game Of Thrones ruined all other TV shows for me.

When I looked a little further into the show, I soon learned that it was adapted from a book series. Although I was at a stage I had given up on fiction, I immediately knew that I wanted to read the books. And read the books I did. My love of fiction was reignited. I’ll break down the reasons why I loved the books.  Continue reading “Reignited Interest In Fiction”