Home Alone Nudist: To Be Or Not To Be?

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When you have lived alone for some time, you get comfortable; maybe too comfortable.  It hits you one day that you can walk from your bedroom to the shower in the buff. No need for that annoying towel you used to wrap around your body to be “decent” in front of your roommates or siblings.

Heck, why even bother to wear clothes at all, you ask yourself one day. And especially in the hot summer months when you wish you could peel off your skin, let alone your shirt and pants. How liberating would it be to move from the shower and straight to your work desk? Is this an epiphany? Something obvious? Or totally crazy?

Home Alone Nudist: To Be Or Not To Be?

For me, it’s simply a question of the weather. If it’s hot outside, clothes off. But it’s more than just about keeping cool. Most times, I’m more comfortable without clothes. After all, don’t we mostly wear them to be decent in public (protective clothing aside)? Would a lady bother to run around in her kitchen in four inch stiletto heels when there’s not a soul to see?

Allow me to take this train of thought seriously and highlight the benefits I’ve experienced from being a home alone nudist.

Promotes a healthy body image

We are not all blessed with model type looks. Most times we have to accept the deal we were dealt. But that’s not a bad thing. “The grass is always greener,” they say. Sarah wants Rose’s height and Rose wants Sarah’s skin. We all envy each other without even knowing it.

There is nothing like seeing yourself naked every day to help you accept your body. And love can only come after acceptance. Even if you’re like me and deliberately don’t have mirrors around the house, your reflection usually finds a way to catch up with you. I can’t escape my semi-reflective refrigerator and the glass door on my microwave.

But funny thing is, after seeing myself naked so much, my body becomes too familiar. I sometimes stand in front of the refrigerator and I’m surprised by how good I look. I would not have magically woken up with rolling biceps and washboard abs; I would have just accepted and appreciated my body for what it is.

The reverse is true, I’m afraid. In winter, I’m mostly wrapped up in clothes. When I peel them off for a shower, I always ask myself, “Is this how I really look?”

Isn’t it a shame that some people are embarrassed to be naked even in front of their spouses? I say, first learn to take it all off on your own; it will be easier with a second person in the room.

You catch stuff early

Do you want to remain healthy and fit? You can easily notice a growing mid-section, or lumps/ rashes which seemingly appear from nowhere. But more importantly, you can do something about them before the situation escalates to undesirable, even dangerous levels. Being naked for a five minute shower is nothing like being in the nude for hours in a day. And especially if you already loathe your body, you won’t look at it that much in the shower to notice that something may be amiss.

Reduced laundry

I hate doing laundry and I especially hate ironing. If I can move around in the nude and avoid both, why would I say no to that? Granted, you’ll need the odd shorts and T-shirt just in case your neighbour comes knocking on your door. But those could be all the clothes you need to wash for the entire week!


Let’s face it, it can get hot in Zimbabwean summers. Sure, you could buy air conditioning units, but electricity is not exactly cheap anymore. Why bother drenching your clothes in sweat when you could feel cooler without them? I find most clothes restrictive and uncomfortable anyway. Nothing is better than just being in your skin.

No need to change clothes

You transition from day to night in your birthday suit – no use for pyjamas. Even when you need a power nap; the kind which screams for a bed, you don’t need to remove or change clothes – just slip between the sheets. Usually, when I’m ready for bed or a nap, I’m so tired that even the thought of removing my clothes further exhausts me.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to do everything in the one outfit that requires no real maintenance? And if you’re the consummate nudist, this will translate to lower costs in the wardrobe department. Just make sure your curtains are not see through.

One of my secrets is out. Whenever you knock on my door and it’s hot outside, give me a sec to look decent first.

3 thoughts on “Home Alone Nudist: To Be Or Not To Be?

  1. I agree 100%. Instead if pining for the body that you want and probably will never have, better appreciate the one you do have. Let’s do away with false modesty, love yourself a little.

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