Nut-job – A Consuming Darkness excerpt


“She’s pretty,” Tawa says from nowhere.
Tari glances at him, before returning her attention to the gaunt woman.
She hadn’t thought about it. But on closer inspection, she acknowledges these sentiments. She’s pretty, in a glammed-up sought of way. She has tasteful makeup and short dark brown hair. The gaunt face can now be described as slender, with high cheek bones accentuated by blush and dainty lips punctuated by a matte cerise. The colours suite her very light skin – something Tari didn’t notice on her night-time foray.
Her blue, gold and pink, floral summer dress is tight at the waist and flared below. This gives the illusion of hips. As she met and kissed her boyfriend, she had a beaming, comely smile which made her face glow that much more. Tari realises what a nut-job she is being. Here is a woman, who by all indications appears lovely, and she is tailing her because of a dream which proves otherwise.

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The Man Within, Chapter 3 – a novella excerpt


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The bus from school drifts along the tarmac; so slow is it moving. I decided to sit alone at the front. The Terrace, we call it. I get a 180 degree view, including a close-up of the driver’s balding scalp. But at least I don’t get to catch them staring at me. Unfortunately, in my chosen solitude, every minute is multiplied tenfold.

It has been a little over four weeks since my father’s funeral. Life has gone back to normal, or the new normal at least. On the upside, my grades have never been better. I got my first A+ in an English essay that was graded by Soul Crusher Mahony. It would appear that even the most hard-ass teachers are taking pity on the poor grieving boy. Instead of the expected envious looks, what I got from some of my classmates was sympathy. The envy would have been better. Continue reading “The Man Within, Chapter 3 – a novella excerpt”

Fountain Of Youth – A Consuming Darkness excerpt


A woven, knee-length, black dress clings to her subtle curves. Two large claws meet just above her collar bone, like two white thumbs strangling her throat. They are joined together by a silver thread around her graceful neck. Her bracelet resembles a silver bird’s nest which was sparsely woven around her slender wrist. She has the pleasure of a penthouse view atop her black and red soled high heels.

Her makeup is indiscernible, only giving her skin a youthful glow. Her hair is ultra-straight, dark brown and just below her shoulders. It floats with every shake of her head, like a feather at the mercy of the wind.

Unlike some Zimbabwean women who believe in the utility of big breasts, hips and butt, she keeps her body slender, and consequently, youthful. Tari wishes she could look like her at any age. Her mother discovered the fountain of youth, and she is not sharing.

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Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Leftover Grilled Meat Fried Rice

leftover barbeque fried rice

If you haven’t figured it by now, I love one pot meals – this idea that you can throw everything in one pan, and it comes out tasting amazing. Why one pot meals, you may ask. Well, clean-up is easy (you have one pot to deal with), cooking time is short, and serving the food is a breeze (just one dishing spoon).

One of my favourite one pot meals is fried rice. It’s super-quick (if you’re a kitchen ninja, it will take you less than 30 minutes to prepare), easy to cook and tasty.

Here in Zim, no debate, we love our braais. We have them on weekends at home, at bars, at parties, and on any outing were at least three people come together. I’m guessing there’s a lot of leftover meat going around.

Whenever I have leftover grilled meat in my fridge and rice in my pantry, one thought jumps into my head – fried rice (Yeah, my mind works that way). But seriously, I usually don’t like reheating the meat in the oven because it tends to dry out. Mixing it in with the veggies and rice keeps it moist.

How to make the fried rice Continue reading “Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Leftover Grilled Meat Fried Rice”

The Gaunt Woman – A Consuming Darkness excerpt


The gaunt woman leaps into the coffin in a fraction of a second, with a sick and intense determination in her eyes. She steps on her dead sister’s chest with bone crunching force and lifts up her lifeless arm by the wrist. She rips the arm off the corpse like she tears a page from a book.

As she dangles the arm in front of her, she looks at it with a gleeful sparkle in her eyes. To my horror, she bites a chunk out of the arm and throws it to the obese woman. As she chews the rotting flesh, the previously clotted blood is reanimated as it slides down the corners of her lips. She doesn’t allow the blood to drip to the ground. She brushes it with a graceful finger; a finger which she delicately kisses like a missed lover.

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