Fountain Of Youth – A Consuming Darkness excerpt


A woven, knee-length, black dress clings to her subtle curves. Two large claws meet just above her collar bone, like two white thumbs strangling her throat. They are joined together by a silver thread around her graceful neck. Her bracelet resembles a silver bird’s nest which was sparsely woven around her slender wrist. She has the pleasure of a penthouse view atop her black and red soled high heels.

Her makeup is indiscernible, only giving her skin a youthful glow. Her hair is ultra-straight, dark brown and just below her shoulders. It floats with every shake of her head, like a feather at the mercy of the wind.

Unlike some Zimbabwean women who believe in the utility of big breasts, hips and butt, she keeps her body slender, and consequently, youthful. Tari wishes she could look like her at any age. Her mother discovered the fountain of youth, and she is not sharing.

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