Vaguely Familiar – A Consuming Darkness excerpt


But something immediately rouses her senses. She can feel it more than see it, like it scales the walls. As unfamiliar as the feeling is, its warning is unmistakable – something is coming, something whose motives she doubts are benevolent. Like a compass needle drawn to the magnetic poles, her gaze is drawn to the front door. A silhouette appears at the other side of the glass doors.

Is she dreaming?

The door is slowly opened without the slightest squeak of a hinge. Now she is fully awake. She props herself up on the couch with an elbow. When she looks around to her parents, neither of them has removed their eyes from the TV. They both look to be on the verge of dozing off.

Is she dreaming?

She swiftly returns her gaze to the door. They are coming, and apparently, she is the only one who can see them. To her utter shock, a naked woman walks through the door. Tari glances at her mother, who is seated beside her. Her face appears frozen in a comely smile.

Surely, she can’t be the only one seeing this. Is she going mad?

The naked lady comes closer, one leg gracefully leading the other. She is in no hurry – she is savouring her moment. Tari hears her heart like it beats right at her ear, its rhythm getting faster as the lady approaches.

When the lady stops, a vaguely familiar face begins to take shape. Tari has seen the face only once before. And who could forget the big, frizzy Diana Ross hair?

Now only a few meters from each other, Tari recognises the glare that petrified her in the morning. They stare at each other like there is no one else in the room. Tari, in her oversized T-shirt and sweats, unglamorous, and the lady, bare, statuesque, fearless and defiant. Time stops, and the whole world freezes, waiting on them to thaw it.

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