Ignoble – a poem

arch-1590568_1920Image: pixabay.com


Far from expected

But exuding charm

Impossible to resist

Even harder to tame


Two titans locked in battle

Neither willing to succumb

Known roles abandoned

Respect mired by desire Continue reading “Ignoble – a poem”

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zim short stories

I decided to compile my short stories into a portable eBook, available in three formats—pdf, mobi (for kindle) and epub (for most eBook readers). And best of all, it’s free!

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Happy reading.

Delusion – a poem

memoryImage: pixabay.com


Your image was like a memory

A past I yearned for

A fantasy which grew

Until I had been ensnared


But then you appeared

Not even a shadow

None to remind me

None to entice me Continue reading “Delusion – a poem”

Ambition Prevails – a Zim short story inspired by “true” events (Part 2)


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I know the general direction to Chiripi’s house. I just run. I pray nothing is following, though I dare not look back. When I see the gate up ahead, a little relief washes over me. But my chest will surely explode before I get there. What if some vile creature catches me before then? What if it’s waiting for the exact moment the gate slows me down? My world becomes that much smaller, and the air is sucked out of it.

I fumble through the gate, panting like a dog, and with my heart at my throat. When I reach Chiripi’s door, I knock frantically. I won’t be taken at salvation’s gate. I knock again. Only now do I look back. Did anything follow me?

When the door is abruptly open, my heart does somersaults, almost jumping out through my teeth. Continue reading “Ambition Prevails – a Zim short story inspired by “true” events (Part 2)”