The Unlikely Instigator

the bain criteria

After seeing the announcement on a supermarket television, a hefty, grey-haired man stood motionless at the till. In front of him was a trolley brimming with groceries. He held a wallet in one hand and a wad of cash in the other.

He was hesitant and merely stared at the cashier, unblinking and frozen. In that glaciated moment, a young man dressed in the tightest possible t-shirt and jeans, with short hair styled to stand on end, leapt into the store.

“Didn’t you here?” he yelled with a feral look in his eyes to match his unruly, black hair.

“The world has fucking gone to hell!”

He quickly moved on like his outburst was the most natural thing.

That was the hefty man’s cue. He nonchalantly returned the cash into its wallet and shoved the wallet in his back trouser pocket. The cashier looked on with a gaping mouth ready to shout the alarm. She was not given the chance.

The man grabbed his trolley and flew through the exit, without as much as a glance to his back. His bulging mid-section did nothing to slow him down. When security camera footage was released, he was branded The Unlikely Instigator. That would likely have been the most notoriety he had ever been known for, if only his face had been clearly visible.

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