Tranquil – a short story

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It is always cold. No matter how many fires I build, the halls remain frigid. Flame-light licks the walls like phantoms preying in the night—the only show I see down here. The smell and taste of dampness is like poison in the air I breathe—and it never departs. Though the labyrinth twists through the earth, I know the way out. But I cannot leave. I always feel their eyes watching, quizzing and burrowing into my soul.

Sometimes I hear them through the walls, like they slither, their powerful tails raking the dirt as they go—tails which should only serve them in the currents. It is only because of the fires that I can even see the pale ghosts. Fires they don’t want, and which they quickly extinguish when they care less than usual for my comfort. Continue reading “Tranquil – a short story”

The Unlikely Instigator

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After seeing the announcement on a supermarket television, a hefty, grey-haired man stood motionless at the till. In front of him was a trolley brimming with groceries. He held a wallet in one hand and a wad of cash in the other.

He was hesitant and merely stared at the cashier, unblinking and frozen. In that glaciated moment, a young man dressed in the tightest possible t-shirt and jeans, with short hair styled to stand on end, leapt into the store.

“Didn’t you here?” he yelled with a feral look in his eyes to match his unruly, black hair. Continue reading “The Unlikely Instigator”

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The Man Within, Chapter 5 – a novella excerpt



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I’m woken up by screams. I look at the clock beside my bed—11:42 p.m. It must have been a dream, but my heart beats a mile a minute. I lie on my back and breath slowly to calm myself. Then I hear them again. Except this time, it’s no random person screaming—it’s mother. I immediately jump out of bed and race to her bedroom.

“Get out,” she screams.

“Leave me alone.” Continue reading “The Man Within, Chapter 5 – a novella excerpt”

The Man Within, Chapter 4 – a novella excerpt



Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 5

After taking my morning shower, I go downstairs. I stop midway when I hear mother in the kitchen.

“Leave me alone.”

“I don’t want this.”

“Just stop, goddamn it.”

Then nothing. She must have gotten off the phone. But who would be harassing her like that? What began as worry morphs into anger. I get into the kitchen and see her hunched, with her hands on the counter. I decide to act casual. Continue reading “The Man Within, Chapter 4 – a novella excerpt”