Ignoble – a poem

arch-1590568_1920Image: pixabay.com


Far from expected

But exuding charm

Impossible to resist

Even harder to tame


Two titans locked in battle

Neither willing to succumb

Known roles abandoned

Respect mired by desire Continue reading “Ignoble – a poem”

Delusion – a poem

memoryImage: pixabay.com


Your image was like a memory

A past I yearned for

A fantasy which grew

Until I had been ensnared


But then you appeared

Not even a shadow

None to remind me

None to entice me Continue reading “Delusion – a poem”

Only A Glimmer – a poem

candleImage: pixabay.com


You give me only glimmers

Most times I’m in the dark

I want to feel your light on my face

I want to know you’re there


I stumble in the gloom, I fall a couple of times

And every time I stand, I want to see you there

When not a flicker comes from you, I stumble once more

I wade in doubt, I lose my spirits Continue reading “Only A Glimmer – a poem”

Demystified – a poem

mysteryImage: pixabay.com


My garden enticed you from afar

Its open gates, a stairway to bliss

You imagined sprawling on the lawn, with the sun kissing your face

Being caressed by the water lilies as you dabbled in the pond

And being lost in the embrace of the entrancing fragrances


But the grass stained your clothes and the sun burned you raw

And the roses showed you how their prickles sting

You forgot that hydrangeas are pruned to maintain their resplendence

That the petals remain firm only when the ground is watered Continue reading “Demystified – a poem”

Drowning – a poem

water-2208931_1920Image: pixabay.com


The water rises as sure as day

It’s unforgiving, to my dismay

I kick and swim for my escape

Which only leads to more debate


Do I stay the course along the stream

Feeding off my big dream

Allow the current to carry me

As far as I can’t see Continue reading “Drowning – a poem”