Why you should beta read, as an emerging writer

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Beta reading is a cool way to help out another writer. You get to be one of the first people to read someone’s story and offer constructive feedback. It’s also a great way to foster good relationships with writers who may, in turn, beta read one of your books—we all know how essential that first critique is.

But sometimes, beta reading does more for your writing than you initially imagined. Whereas, you thought you were polishing a friend’s writing, you end up also polishing your own.

Educators say the best way to learn a concept is to teach it. Beta reading kind of works in the same way. Continue reading “Why you should beta read, as an emerging writer”

Writing collaborations and their challenges

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Writing your own novel has its challenges—creating a logical plot and doing all the research yourself, struggling with self-doubt, no second pair of eyes to spot your glaring errors, and all the pitfalls of not having an automatic accountability buddy.

But working on a creative writing collaboration is a whole new ball game. Whereas, before, any extra eyes belonged to advisors, in a collaboration, they belong to story co-creators. If you had never relinquished control of your story, you would be in for an awakening. Continue reading “Writing collaborations and their challenges”

What Is Story?

backstoryWhen my first book idea hit me, I immediately started writing notes. I briefly explored my characters and the basic plot. Since I wanted to base my science fiction novel on real science, I conducted a lot of research. I wanted my plot to be smart and believable. When it came to the actual writing, my goal was to use beautiful language and original expressions.

I thought if I had a logical plot and beautiful, expressive language, I would have a fantastic story.

But boy, was I wrong—a fact my sister was first to point out. My road to true enlightenment began when I watched a webinar on the story genius method, which was hosted by Joel Friedlander of The Book Designer. Continue reading “What Is Story?”