Music to help you relax, and sometimes shut out the noise

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We have all been there; when our bodies scream at us for a break after hours of staring at the computer screen because of work or study. Or when we are trying to work, but our environment refuses to corporate; the neighbour drives in with his car radio a little too loud for comfort, or you can hear the TV from your room or office. Or maybe, when you are writing, you become sensitive to the slightest sound… Continue reading

How To Combat Melancholy And Negative Thinking

negativityWe all get sad sometimes, and some of us more than others. And who is more melancholic than the reclusive writer? Suffice to say, I’ve dealt with my own bouts of thoughtful sadness. But we shouldn’t allow these negative thoughts and feelings to continue rattling in our heads, and sometimes slowing or halting our progress… Continue reading

The Healing Power Of Generosity

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Today I woke up in one of my funky moods. One thought jumped into my head, “I feel like my life is not mine.” If you read my post on combating melancholy, you know that I get this way sometimes. I felt a kind of crushing sadness and helplessness, seemingly out of the blue. But I knew that wasn’t true – it wasn’t out of the blue… Continue reading

Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Quick And Easy Pizza

pork belly pizza with cheddar, gouda and mozerella

When you write or work from home, most times, any chore outside of this work feels like a time suck. Unfortunately, some of us don’t have spouses, personal chefs or maids to help maintain house. If you don’t cook, you starve. Sure, you could order your food, but that comes with much higher costs, and sometimes, little control over what exactly you allow into your gut. Not to mention the health repercussions of sitting in front of the computer all day and eating takeout… Continue reading


Home Alone Nudist: To Be Or Not To Be?

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When you have lived alone for some time, you get comfortable; maybe too comfortable.  It hits you one day that you can walk from your bedroom to the shower in the buff. No need for that annoying towel you used to wrap around your body to be “decent” in front of your roommates or siblings… Continue reading

Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Warm Pasta Salad With Pan Fried Chicken Breast

warm pasta salad with balsamic EVOO chicken breast

Who doesn’t like pasta? It’s quick to prepare, tasty, and one of the best starches to incorporate in vegetarian meals. It’s always my go-to when I don’t feel like labouring in the kitchen. Plus, it’s only with pasta that I can cook truly good, but effortless vegan dishes.

Seven to ten minutes to cook the pasta, and usually thirty minutes or less to cook the entire meal – who would say no to that?… Continue reading

Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Leftover Grilled Meat Fried Rice

leftover barbeque fried rice

If you haven’t figured it by now, I love one pot meals – this idea that you can throw everything in one pan, and it comes out tasting amazing. Why one pot meals, you may ask. Well, clean-up is easy (you have one pot to deal with), cooking time is short, and serving the food is a breeze (just one dishing spoon).

One of my favourite one pot meals is fried rice. It’s super-quick (if you’re a kitchen ninja, it will take you less than 30 minutes to prepare), easy to cook and tasty… Continue reading

Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Spaghetti In Mushroom, Veggies and Balsamic

spaghetti in mushroom, veggies and balsamic

I love spaghetti. It’s easy to make, tasty and it cooks quickly. You rarely go wrong with a spaghetti dish, whether meat laden, vegetarian or vegan. When I’m feeling lazy, or I’m particularly busy, spaghetti is always my go-to starch. I recently discovered the awesome combination of mushroom and balsamic vinegar. I decided to try it out with a spaghetti dish.

This recipe is 100% vegan and super easy to make. You (and your dinner guest) won’t believe you’re already done… Continue reading

Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Mini Shepherd’s Pie


Ever since a friend got me some ramekins, I’ve had fun with them, making mini cakes and baked eggs. Then one day, I thought, why not shepherd’s pie? I love using the ramekins to make individual portions. They are especially useful when entertaining guests. The result always looks amazing, and especially with shepherd’s pie, you won’t have to watch your work of art disintegrate when it comes time to serve.

Eating out of the ramekin is no fuss and delightful. Clean-up is also easy—the “casserole dish” also serves as the plate—who would say no to that?… Continue reading

Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Vegetarian Mini Pies


I had potatoes, no ground beef, but I wanted to eat shepherd’s pie—it was a real conundrum. But then I remembered I had boiled beans in my freezer. The gears of my mind started spinning—why not throw the beans in the food processor to make easy ground protein?

Sure, I could have ground some beef instead, but that would have meant more time, effort and clean-up (chopping the beef into tiny enough pieces using a board and knife, grinding it in the food processor, then scrubbing the processor clean of the fat left behind).

The beans were simpler (either grind with the food processor, which would only require  rinsing with water afterwards, or mashing with a steady potato masher). Plus beans are cheap as dirt, and they don’t have any cholesterol. My mind was made up… Continue reading

Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Vegan Fried Rice


Sometimes there is mushroom in the fridge and you literally don’t feel like touching meat—the story of my life. On such occasions, my goto is usually vegan fried rice. A guest once said of this rice, “you won’t even crave meat!” Read on for the insanely simple recipe… Continue reading

Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Super Cheap And Tasty Vegan Pies

super cheap and tasty vegan pies

What to do when you’re ingredient-strapped but you still want a tasty snack?

I was taunted by this enigma. It was that time of the month when I couldn’t just rush to the grocery store to fill up my pantry. I had very basic ingredients but a complex appetite.

But little did I know that the simplest solution was staring me in the face… Continue reading

Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Easy Chicken Stock

chicken stock

I always make sure to have chicken stock in my freezer. It has the ability to turn that, otherwise dreary, vegetarian sauce or soup into something spectacular. Who wouldn’t want genuine chicken flavour, but without the cost of a chicken (not to mention the inconvenience of cooking one)? As a bonus, you also get precooked, shredded chicken to use in wraps, fried rice, pasta dishes, pizza, stir fries, sandwiches . . . and so on… Continue reading