The Man Within, Chapter 7 – a novella excerpt



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“I’m sorry, what?”

“Is your uncle,” she opens her file, “Godfrey here?”

I only look at her, confused.

“You told Doctor Lanely and Nurse Doris that you’re living with him.”

Shit. They sold me out. I knew Doris couldn’t be trusted

“He’s not here at the moment.”

“Meaning he is here most other times?” she asks sweetly. Continue reading “The Man Within, Chapter 7 – a novella excerpt”

Writing collaborations and their challenges


Writing your own novel has its challenges—creating a logical plot and doing all the research yourself, struggling with self-doubt, no second pair of eyes to spot your glaring errors, and all the pitfalls of not having an automatic accountability buddy.

But working on a creative writing collaboration is a whole new ball game. Whereas, before, any extra eyes belonged to advisors, in a collaboration, they belong to story co-creators. If you had never relinquished control of your story, you would be in for an awakening. Continue reading “Writing collaborations and their challenges”

The Man Within, Chapter 6 – a novella excerpt



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I walk through the hospital’s dizzying corridors. I’ve been seeing mother for the past four days. She was diagnosed with late-onset schizophrenia. The doctors are giving her anti-psychotic drugs, under observation. They will release her once they are confident her prescription is working. I’m only glad there is treatment for her condition.

I see Nurse Doris up ahead—the psychiatric ward sentinel.

“Hello William,” she says as I reach her counter.

She sports an ostentatious smile, like a salesperson. Continue reading “The Man Within, Chapter 6 – a novella excerpt”

Tranquil – a short story

horror 1920Image:

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It is always cold. No matter how many fires I build, the halls remain frigid. Flame-light licks the walls like phantoms preying in the night—the only show I see down here. The smell and taste of dampness is like poison in the air I breathe—and it never departs. Though the labyrinth twists through the earth, I know the way out. But I cannot leave. I always feel their eyes watching, quizzing and burrowing into my soul.

Sometimes I hear them through the walls, like they slither, their powerful tails raking the dirt as they go—tails which should only serve them in the currents. It is only because of the fires that I can even see the pale ghosts. Fires they don’t want, and which they quickly extinguish when they care less than usual for my comfort. Continue reading “Tranquil – a short story”