Of Strange Gazebos And Terrifying Tales – a Zim short story based on true events

Untitled design(1)The concrete floor is uncomfortable, the sleeping bag thin. The night is cold, and the wind seeps through the many openings of the gazebo. But these are the least of my concerns. There are three dogs just outside the doorless gazebo; vicious by the sound of them. They turn rabid at my slightest movement. Their barks and growls saturate the silent night. They could be right at my ear and it wouldn’t make a difference.

But they refuse to get in. This only gives me slight comfort – I won’t be torn to shreds by ferine dogs. But what will tear me to shreds? What keeps the dogs from getting inside the gazebo? There is no physical barrier. So what are they afraid of? I doubt they have had any form of sophisticated training. They are rural dogs after all.

Some believe that certain animals possess a sixth sense for the supernatural. The thought frightens me. Dad has told me so many witchcraft stories that my mind need not exert its imagination as to what keeps the dogs away. The gazebo does belong to some shop owner after all. They are usually the most suspect of rural folk. Continue reading “Of Strange Gazebos And Terrifying Tales – a Zim short story based on true events”

How To Combat Melancholy And Negative Thinking

negativityWe all get sad sometimes, and some of us more than others. And who is more melancholic than the reclusive writer? Suffice to say, I’ve dealt with my own bouts of thoughtful sadness. But we shouldn’t allow these negative thoughts and feelings to continue rattling in our heads, and sometimes slowing or halting our progress.

As one who’s had to deal with the affliction, I have learned a few things about combating it. In this article, I will give you practical steps you can take to resurrect yourself from the blues. They always work for me. If you give them a chance, they may do the same for you.

Step 1: Acknowledge your thoughts and emotions

What are you really feeling? Why are you feeling that way? We sometimes use anger to mask more vulnerable feelings like guilt, hurt and fear (Psychology Today). Let us get to the bottom of our true feelings. We need to recognise these thoughts and emotions to figure out if they are justified or rational. You should ask yourself if it is rational for you to think of yourself a certain way. Continue reading “How To Combat Melancholy And Negative Thinking”

Man In A Dark Room – a Zim short story inspired by “true” events

the witchImage: The Witch

Like a battering ram, my heart pummels my rib-cage as if it means to crack it. It alerts me of the unnatural and ominous presence I’m beginning to sense – whatever it is that just jerked me out of my sleep. In the silence, the sound of my breathing is like the bellow of a steam engine. It will only give me away; a siren to broadcast my apprehension to whatever is listening, to whatever stalks the night. I consciously take in every breath until only barely perceptible whistles escape.

Then I hear the patter of feet; the lightest of taps which I can only perceive because of my adrenaline heightened senses. Someone is coming to my door. At this hour? If my instincts don’t deceive me, it should be in the very early morning.

I twist my neck to look at the clock radio on my night stand. In the pitch black, it glares at me in neon red like it warns me – 1:23am. Who could be walking the dormitory corridors barefoot at this time of night, and in this cold? Continue reading “Man In A Dark Room – a Zim short story inspired by “true” events”

Music to help you relax, and sometimes shut out the noise

pexels-photo-164821 1920 by 1280Image: pexels.com

We have all been there; when our bodies scream at us for a break after hours of staring at the computer screen because of work or study. Or when we are trying to work, but our environment refuses to corporate; the neighbour drives in with his car radio a little too loud for comfort, or you can hear the TV from your room or office. Or maybe, when you are writing, you become sensitive to the slightest sound.

Should you quit your work because someone in the next three rooms is watching TV? Or the alternative is becoming a nocturnal animal; working when everyone else has finally quit?

I have a slightly less drastic suggestion – classical music. Continue reading “Music to help you relax, and sometimes shut out the noise”

What Is Story?

backstoryWhen my first book idea hit me, I immediately started writing notes. I briefly explored my characters and the basic plot. Since I wanted to base my science fiction novel on real science, I conducted a lot of research. I wanted my plot to be smart and believable. When it came to the actual writing, my goal was to use beautiful language and original expressions.

I thought that if I had a logical plot and beautiful expressive language, I would have a fantastic story.

But boy, was I wrong; a fact that my sister was first to point out. My road to true enlightenment began when I watched a webinar on the story genius method, which was hosted by Joel Friedlander of The Book Designer. Continue reading “What Is Story?”