Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Warm Pasta Salad With Pan Fried Chicken Breast

warm pasta salad with balsamic EVOO chicken breast

Who doesn’t like pasta? It’s quick to prepare, tasty, and one of the best starches to incorporate in vegetarian meals. It’s always my go-to when I don’t feel like labouring in the kitchen. Plus, it’s only with pasta that I can cook truly good, but effortless vegan dishes.

This recipe may not be vegetarian, but it takes seven to ten minutes to cook the pasta, and around thirty minutes to cook the entire meal – who would say no to that?

How to make the meal

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The Malevolent Mermaid – a Zim folktale

mermaidImage: pixabay.com

Beware of the mermaid – a she-devil lurking in the lake in waiting for her prey, much like the crocodile, with only its beady eyes and snout to hint at its being.

The mermaid doesn’t give herself away though. She remains hidden, no, obscured as if she and the water are one. By the time you see the waves caressing your feet and you feel her inauspicious presence, it is already too late.

She appears on the lake surface in all her glory and terrifying fury. You hardly notice the hair, long, straight, glistening and black as coal; the skin, pale as milk, gleaming and smooth as polished marble; or the tail, long, powerful, smooth as a dolphin’s and more reminiscent of an eel than a scaly fish, with muscles writhing and catching the morning glow.

You also don’t notice that she is at once the most stunning and most frightening creature you have ever seen. You don’t notice these things because everything happens in a blur. Continue reading “The Malevolent Mermaid – a Zim folktale”

Demystified – a poem

mysteryImage: pixabay.com


My garden enticed you from afar

Its open gates, a stairway to bliss

You imagined sprawling on the lawn, with the sun kissing your face

Being caressed by the water lilies as you dabbled in the pond

And being lost in the embrace of the entrancing fragrances


But the grass stained your clothes and the sun burned you raw

And the roses showed you how their prickles sting

You forgot that hydrangeas are pruned to maintain their resplendence

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Home Alone Nudist: To Be Or Not To Be?

the thinkerImage: pixabay.com

When you have lived alone for some time, you get comfortable; maybe too comfortable.  It hits you one day that you can walk from your bedroom to the shower in the buff. No need for that annoying towel you used to wrap around your body to be “decent” in front of your roommates or siblings.

Heck, why even bother to wear clothes at all, you ask yourself one day. And especially in the hot summer months when you wish you could peel off your skin, let alone your shirt and pants. How liberating would it be to move from the shower and straight to your work desk? Is this an epiphany? Something obvious? Or totally crazy? Continue reading “Home Alone Nudist: To Be Or Not To Be?”

Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Quick And Easy Pizza

pork belly pizza with cheddar, gouda and mozerella

When you write or work from home, most times, any chore outside of this work feels like a time suck. Unfortunately, some of us don’t have spouses, personal chefs or maids to help maintain house. If you don’t cook, you starve. Sure, you could order your food, but that comes with much higher costs, and sometimes, little control over what exactly you allow into your gut. Not to mention the health repercussions of sitting in front of the computer all day and eating takeout.

Getting up to make that quick, tasty and healthy meal provides you with that much-needed “break” and exercise.

After years of experimenting in the kitchen, I came to the realisation that you don’t have to slave off for hours to get a truly good meal. Sometimes thirty minutes is all it takes. And when I started writing from home, this idea moved from convenience to necessity. I like to keep my meals quick, easy, nutritious, affordable and accessible. I will be sharing some of my other recipes in later posts.

How to make the pizza

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