Homemade Meals For The Busy Guy: Vegetarian Mini Pies


I had potatoes, no ground beef, but I wanted to eat shepherd’s pie—it was a real conundrum. But then I remembered I had boiled beans in my freezer. The gears of my mind started spinning—why not throw the beans in the food processor to make easy ground protein?

Sure, I could have ground some beef instead, but that would have meant more time, effort and clean-up (chopping the beef into tiny enough pieces using a board and knife, grinding it in the food processor, then scrubbing the processor clean of the fat left behind).

The beans were simpler (either grind with the food processor, which would only require  rinsing with water afterwards, or mashing with a steady potato masher). Plus beans are cheap as dirt, and they don’t have any cholesterol. My mind was made up.

How to make the pies

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