Nut-job – A Consuming Darkness excerpt


“She’s pretty,” Tawa says from nowhere.
Tari glances at him, before returning her attention to the gaunt woman.
She hadn’t thought about it. But on closer inspection, she acknowledges these sentiments. She’s pretty, in a glammed-up sought of way. She has tasteful makeup and short dark brown hair. The gaunt face can now be described as slender, with high cheek bones accentuated by blush and dainty lips punctuated by a matte cerise. The colours suite her very light skin – something Tari didn’t notice on her night-time foray.
Her blue, gold and pink, floral summer dress is tight at the waist and flared below. This gives the illusion of hips. As she met and kissed her boyfriend, she had a beaming, comely smile which made her face glow that much more. Tari realises what a nut-job she is being. Here is a woman, who by all indications appears lovely, and she is tailing her because of a dream which proves otherwise.

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Man In A Dark Room – a Zim short story inspired by “true” events

the witchImage: The Witch

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Like a battering ram, my heart pummels my rib-cage as if it means to crack it. It alerts me of the unnatural and ominous presence I’m beginning to sense – whatever it is that just jerked me out of my sleep. In the silence, the sound of my breathing is like the bellow of a steam engine. It will only give me away; a siren to broadcast my apprehension to whatever is listening, to whatever stalks the night. I consciously take in every breath until only barely perceptible whistles escape.

Then I hear the patter of feet; the lightest of taps which I can only perceive because of my adrenaline heightened senses. Someone is coming to my door. At this hour? If my instincts don’t deceive me, it should be in the very early morning.

I twist my neck to look at the clock radio on my night stand. In the pitch black, it glares at me in neon red like it warns me – 1:23am. Who could be walking the dormitory corridors barefoot at this time of night, and in this cold? Continue reading “Man In A Dark Room – a Zim short story inspired by “true” events”